Crystal Peake Publisher

The Advance Reading Team

Are you interested in being part of a select group of early readers, who preview our new books before they are launched? For a free copy of our authors book, all you have to do is join our Advance Reader Team. Whilst feedback and reviews are fantastic for sales, we won’t force you to leave us any. By signing up to the form below, you will only receive subscription emails with information related to our Advance Reader Team.

What is an advance reader team?

An advance reader team allows you to join our authors inner circle. You will receive an advance copy of the author’s book, for free before it goes to market. This is so the author and publisher can get feedback on the book before its release. What kind of feedback you might be wondering. Well, whatever comes to mind really. It could be anything to do with the characters in the story. Sometimes typos slip through the vast editing process.

Reviews are the most critical part of a book’s success, and they help to sell the book. However, you can’t get reviews without selling the book. It becomes a vicious cycle and that is where the advance reader team comes in. You will receive a no strings attached copy of the book and in return we ask you to leave an honest review. What if you don’t feel like it? Well then, you don’t have to. It is no strings attached after all.