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By Stuart Clarke

Whatever happened to all those Classical gods and goddesses after those pesky mortals tossed them by the wayside? They didn’t just vanish; you know.

Goddesses of The Light such as Athena and Freya, continue waging a never-ending war against the Anubis-led Darkness as they vie for a portal controlling time and space. Not being one to trifle with such tedium, Apollo sips nectar and chases togas with his friend Bacchus, in the VIP section of Heaven’s hotel bar.

But life turns on a dime when Apollo finds himself trapped on modern-day Earth. A wonderful “New Earth” filled with electric guitars and street tacos and a morally-flexible tour guide named Coyote. But Apollo soon learns he’s lost his powers and immortality and, to make matters worse, he’s being stalked to feed an ancient Sumerian demon who grows stronger each time it consumes a god’s essence.

When the war in Heaven takes an unexpected turn, more gods are exiled to Earth. They must overcome their distrust of one another to get return tickets to Heaven – even if means saving humanity to do so.


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