There are two main ways we advertise – traditionally, with a quarter-, half- or full-page ad in a print or online publication, and targeted micro-ads on Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, and NetGalley.

If we advertise traditionally we add it to the system as Advertising (and so should you).

For targeted micro-ads we don’t think it practical or useful to register every micro-ad on Facebook as a Marketing Activity. Usually we run these kind of ads as part of a Extra Service, or a particular 500+ marketing campaign. If so we make a note of them in Promotional Plan and recommend you do the same.

NetGalley as a business is hard to classify. The site is a mixture of press-release distributor, review-copy distributor, advertising, and social networking. For simplicity’s sake if we add your book to NetGalley we will record on the system as Advertising.

We submit all our new titles for notice in the trade journal, The Bookseller. Though not strictly advertising, we also record it as Advertising as this feels the closest fit.

How Crystal Peake Advertises

We don’t have a blanket policy – we evaluate advertising opportunities on a case-by-case basis. For example, we are regular advertisers in using of Facebook adverts as they have a strong online community. We have experimented with Amazon ads, and continue to do so at our discretion. While we appreciate the hype around them, we haven’t found them particularly effective yet.

How Authors can Advertise

It’s impossible to list all the ways you can advertise yourself as an author, but we do recommend, if you are investing time and energy into building a presence on Facebook, to consider Facebook advertising.