What we do

Flyers and posters are relatively cheap to produce, but expensive to administer (designing them a number of different ways for different specific events and trying to airfreight them around the world to get there on time can be more complicated than bringing the book itself out). When we produce flyers for this purpose ourselves they usually promote not just one but a number of titles. They tend not to work as inserts in magazines—the response rate is usually under 1% and sales often do not cover the cost of the insertion.

Video trailers

We try and produce video trailers for all books, for us to do this for you please take a look Here for between ten to 20 stock videos you believe work for your book. When you have your list send them over to your publicist.


Posters are easy to create and useful to help you promote an event. We can create you posters that are A4 and A3 in size and include the cover image, an endorsement and details of your event. Retailers are usually happy to display posters for signings in their stores. Libraries, public noticeboards and meeting places are other useful places to display posters.