We have made a couple of changes to the competition those being that Demonic Elves are now called Drac's and the Flop race are now known as Lepus. These changes were made to make it easier for some of those entering and to make the flow of the story easier.

For an upcoming feature of Crystal Peake’s future work, we are planning on releasing a series of short story novels. This will include a collection of short stories from a variety of authors. A world has been created for the novel and our guest authors will create a story which will fit into this world.

If you are interested in taking part and in having the chance to have your story featured within the novel, then enter below.

Here, we have placed the races which live in the world. There are no humans so please no mention of them. The following places can be used but you can create your own place as long as it fits.

Another quick note is that all stories submitted must not be published beforehand and will be put through a plagiarism check.


  • Elf – Not immortals, can be hurt, can be of different shapes and sizes, and any colour of the rainbow.
  • Witch – A female member of any race, with an ability to use magic.
  • Drac – Horns of a variety of sizes, pointed tails, red eyes. A darker elf. 
  • Gnome – Shorter race, turn to stone in daylight, many of the cities are built underground, but they do stay in homes if outside of a gnome's home during daylight.
  • Dragons – Are extinct but maybe one or two still hidden around, eggs may also be scattered around.
  • Lepus – a humanoid-bunny. Bunny ears long or short, round bushy tail, large eyes.
  • Maikong – a humanoid-fox. Based on the maikong fox race. They mainly live in The High Wilds. Brown fluffy ears, medium eyes, and brown fluffy tail.

Notable Places

  • Tuskbane – The home of the Lepus race, a wooden city. Streams running nearby but through the city. The city of Tuskbane is split into three districts, farming and agriculture to the north, artisanal and market district through the middle of town and the governmental district through the south. There are three streams running through the middle of these districts and are sized for their importance to the district. The agriculture district has more of a river where the governmental district has a thin stream. Historically, the agriculture district has had a controlling share of the council and it stands to reason that they have the most water anyway because they're growing the food. So it's a problem when all of a sudden the artisinal district is flooded.
  • Waque – An elven city. Built high in the mountains. A blue flame illuminates the misty forest surrounding the city. Zisu, a race of white birds, live in the mountain forest. Their wings  are the length of 40-50 cm each, while the birds body is slim, with green eyes. Dragons used to live in the mountains around Waque, there may be some eggs or a dragon in hiding.
  • Slay Waterways – The home town of the Drac. It is a hot place. Wooden buildings built on stone and rock waterways. The city holds a red flame. The water often steams with a low cloud of fog which drifts over the water and across the streets. The water is home to Snarks, a species similar to sharks. They are small sized, maybe 50-60cm, large white eyes, a white tail fin and white body. Large mouth full of black sharp teeth.
  • Ceat – a magical stone castle city. Built on an island out at sea, only magic users are able to find the city. Many witches train here, and later go on to travel the world. Some open up magical stores which provide magic to the world.
  • Kai Darl – an ancient underground city built by the oldest of gnomes, used for mining treasures from deep beneath the planet. Two enormous vaults are below the city filled with gold and gems. Gnomes are the only race allowed into the city.
  • Fogvalor – a stone city. Made by the Drac, it holds a red and a blue flame for both species of elf. The city is a mutual place for all races. There are underground burrows within the city and safe passage to many places in the city for the gnomes.
  • The High Wilds – the hometown of the Maikong, large forest trees, with water flowing through the roots. Tree huts are built around the trunks with wooden rope bridges spreading across the river.
  • Lastra – a floating city built many hundreds of years ago. The city is built on a floating island, with no control of direction. Since airships do not exist in the world, so far the only way onto the island is if you are lucky enough to end up on it in passing.
  • Silane –  became one of the elven settlements after the destruction of the elven home Aethel. A stone brick waterway city, with gardens built upon the roofs and small parks floating over the water. In the centre of the city, a blue magical flame burns high in a tower. The flame is a symbol of their god.

As this is a short story contest, only entries with a word count of between 500 and 6000 words will be accepted.  The closing date for entries is March 31st, 2018, and winners will be chosen by April 28th. All winners will have their story published in The Tales of a Forgotten World, an author page set up and the possibility of having a full manuscript read by a member of our team for a potential publication. This competition is open to anyone over 18 years old for publication reasons.