Blog Tours

Having read about the importance of Blogs in the previous section called Bloggers, you now know the important part they can play in book marketing, and in creating that much talked about “buzz”. In the distant publishing past, publicity often involved author bookstore tours; blog tours are the modern equivalent, but in the virtual world. An author can have a presence on several blogs over a set period of time in order to get a spread of exposure. The key here is to find blogs that are relevant to the topic of your book. You can do this yourself, or hire your publicist to put in extra work, or find a company that specialises in blog tours by genre.

Blog tours require you to supply book information, much of which you can get from your Book Details page and your Profile:

To complete the circle on this kind of activity, you need to publicise what you are doing on your own social media networks. Link to each blog you are appearing on at the start of each stop. You can then include links on your website. If you have an email list of contacts, send them a press release or newsletter with a list of the blogs you will be appearing on with links.

If you are using our database to search for companies that can help, go to Contacts and in the Search fields on the left, select the country you would like, and then ‘Type’, select ‘Blog Site’.

This will give you a list of blog sites, some of which will offer Blog Tour services. Prices vary widely. Do your homework on these company and perhaps ask for advice on your imprint/cluster facebook group, to see if other authors have experiences to share.