Competition 2019

The 2019 competition has opened and closes on 12th April, so there's plenty of time to polish, edit or even WRITE your novel! Submission is super easy - simply use our online portal to enter your details, attach your document and pay the £5 submission fee. For full competition rules and instructions, please see our submissions page.

So, the 2019 writing competition has launched. This is our second competition and we are hoping that it’ll be as successful as the first one. Last time, we created a world and asked people to use their imagination to come up with the best story based from that world. We received many entries and had a difficult time deciding which stories we enjoyed the most.

This year, we want to get our readers interested in original folklores that have influenced many stories over the years. However, we don’t want to just republish old stories, that’s not going to help inspire our readers or terrify them as much as we would like!

No, the folklore retelling competition is to get people interested in the history of the magical worlds. Stories don’t focus on the forgotten tales that inspire most writers. We are hoping that this competition will influence writers to create new life into these old creatures and myths allowing for a new generation of readers to be influenced.