Our company is constantly evolving and open to receiving unsolicited manuscripts. As an independent publishing house, we not only showcase established writers, but also give a platform to new voices in the industry. We take pride in the communities we have fostered and strive to maintain their growth.

Our mission is to utilise our innovative database to simplify the publishing process for our authors.

The benefits for an author

  • Our publishing inquiries are typically resolved within a month, which is significantly faster than the industry average of three months.
  • You will receive feedback from multiple individuals instead of just one.
  • The production process is also more efficient, taking an average of three months from manuscript to final files. After that, our books can be made available for your personal use at any time. However, we do require a few additional months for distribution and sales purposes, as we aim to have our titles listed in international catalogues and marketed to shops around the world before publication.
  • As an author with us, you will have the opportunity to join in discussions and forums with other writers.
  • Additionally, we have more time to focus on sales, marketing, and social media presence. This allows us to publish a greater number of high-quality titles, which can support each other in the market.


Your feedback and suggestions for improving this Publishing Guide are greatly appreciated. Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us through the closed Author Forum.

Our company is a proud member of the Independent Publishers Guild, which represents independent publishers in the UK.