NetGalley is an online platform that enables influential readers – professional reviewers, media professionals, librarians, and educators – to download and evaluate your title pre-publication. It has reached a critical mass as a service and is used by mainstream publishers and self-published authors alike to generate pre-publication excitement and buzz for a title.

NetGalley has over 380000 reviewers or “influencers” worldwide, and 45000 of those are in the UK. NetGalley claims the site is sticky, and that 65% of members come back nine times or more in a month. The majority of NetGalley readers are interested in Teens and YA, General Fiction, Mystery and Thrillers, and Sci-Fi and Fantasy, and there is least interest in Middle Grade, Humour, Horror, Sports, and Literary Fiction. We have also found that History, Pagan and Spiritual books get a decent response there.



As NetGalley has grown globally they have created sites for different countries. Our books appear on the UK site ( and the US site ( As you would expect the site prioritises British publishers and British books will be seen by more British reviewers. You can choose which countries and territories see your books.


Every time a member logs into NetGalley they are presented with a selection of books based on their interests, normally starting with the books that have been most recently added to NetGalley. Members have the ability to search the site by many criteria including subject, author, publisher, and most-downloaded.

You can offer your book for download in a variety of ways.


NetGalley offers the ability to create a widget. A widget is a pre-approved link which you can use to invite a contact to read a title on NetGalley. When a reader receives a widget link, typically via email, they can click on the link, register for free or login to NetGalley (if they are already a member), and are taken directly to the Title Details page for that title, where they can download it.

NetGalley offers Activity Reports and Feedback Reports, so you can keep records of who downloads and reviews your books.


NetGalley say views matter, so the more time a member sees your title, the more downloads and reviews you can generate.

When you set a book to Available For Request or Read Now it will be presented to members on the NetGalley homepage for a few days, generating many views, usually resulting in a spike of interest and requests for download. After that, unless your book is causing a huge buzz, interest will likely be less intense as your book is harder to discover.

At this point NetGalley offers a variety of extra marketing services at various price points which you can use to give your book an extra boost of visibility and gain more views. Whether it’s entering your book to be a Book Of The Month, paying to be featured on their homepage for a week, or a full mail-out to thousands of their members, these services are especially useful if you feel your book has real sales potential and you want to present it to the maximum number of influential readers, the maximum amount of times.

Click here for the full NetGalley media kit, which contains details of all marketing services.


The vast majority of books on NetGalley are new, but readers are also looking out for (in NetGalley speak) “interesting books they might have missed” and reviewers are taking “a more fluid approach to reviewing i.e. papers don’t review according to publisher’s schedules,” so we are free to add in older books if we feel appropriate, and reviewers may review older books too. For example, if we add the second of a trilogy to NetGalley, we will likely add the first, so reviewers who missed it can read it.

NetGalley Pros



NetGalley is free for readers, but authors and publishers have to pay a fee in order to list a book. At John Hunt Publishing we pay to have twenty titles on NetGalley at any one time.

As an individual you can choose to add your book to NetGalley at various price points. As of June 2018 to add a book for six months as an individual author the price, is $450. You can also save some money by adding your book through the Independent Publisher’s Association. Or use a service like XpressoBooksTour


If you have paid for an Extra Publicity service, you are guaranteed a placement on the site for at least three months.

If you do not paid for Extra Publicity then we cannot guarantee your title for selection on NetGalley, as we have limited (twenty) places there.

We decide which books to place on NetGalley for different amounts of time based on a variety of factors including sales potential, genre, and past NetGalley experience.

We usually decide to place titles on NetGalley 3-4 months before publication date.


Create A Strategy – Make Members Feel Special

Rather than sticking your book on NetGalley and hoping for the best, think about building a community of influencers whose tastes chime with your books, and nurture those relationships. Every time you interact with a NetGalley member you are representing yourself and/or your publishing company and whether the member likes the book or not you have an opportunity to leave a positive impression about your work.

Here are our top tips for using NetGalley based on our experience.


Bookseller’s who download your book may recommend to customers. Here’s a extract from a bookseller on NetGalley:

I review on Goodreads, but most of the recommendations and feedback I give is in the busy store I work at. The owner always asks me to find the “next big book”, so I have been reading up to 5 or 6 books a day!


NetGalley is currently an invaluable tool in book marketing. While no author or publisher should exclusively rely on it to market their book, it’s clearly a powerful opportunity to present your book to influential people you could never have sought out on your own. You’ll have the opportunity to present your title to many booksellers and librarians you may never have considered or reached normally, and give yourself a real opportunity to increase online reviews for your book, on blogs and social media and especially on Amazon and GoodReads.

The book market is saturated, and your book will be up against many others, which is why it’s vital you use the service with intelligence and care, doing everything that is in your power to create a positive and exciting impression of your work.