Every publisher sells using a single-page sales sheet (“AI” or “Advance Information sheet” in the UK, and “tipsheet” in the USA), which they present to their trade customers. The buyer takes a decision on how prominent to make it on their databases, whether to take print copies into stock, and if so, how many and where. It is our chance to grab their attention, and the information must be accurate, punchy and concise.

The AI/Tipsheet is circulated to our sales reps, specific to their territories, and they will use the information on it as the basis of their pitch. Some reps may modify the format of the sheet we provide, but all the information stems from your Book Details page on the database.

Sales reps can use the AI/Tipsheet either in physical printed format or electronically.

What the bookshop buyer is looking for, at a quick glance, is why this book is relevant to them. It must have clear copy, strong endorsements from people they have heard of, or that their customers are likely to know. Unique Selling Points which suggest that there are good reasons why they should stock this book and not another; Marketing Plans that are going to bring people into the shop asking for it; Competing Books so they know what the book is about. A general feeling that the author understands who they are writing the book for and where it fits into the market.

We edit the information that you give us, and the better it is, the sharper the end result will be. But we cannot invent it. If you have not done so at the point of your book’s files being completed, please fill in as much detail as you can about yourself on your Profile page, about what sets your book apart from the rest under Unique Selling Points on your Book Details page, and tell us about your definitive Marketing Plans, as all this information will give us and the sales teams the best chance of successfully selling you and your book to the trade. Below is a more detailed list of crucial information which will make up your title’s AI/Tipsheet, and why it is of vital importance for selling your book:

Once we’ve edited the above information in the month after your book’s publication date is set, we then create and upload the AI to your Marketing page and you can not alter it. Therefore, providing this information by the time your book has been assigned a publication date will ensure your AI is as strong as possible. Feel free to download and use it. Take it along to local stores who might host a signing session if the publicist has not already contacted them.