Before we can introduce your book to the media and potential buyers, we require details regarding your experience as a writer and any upcoming publicity events that have been organized. Your author platform may include elements such as:

  • Share details about your past publications and their success in terms of sales.
  • Include any relevant credentials from your professional, academic, or personal experiences.
  • Provide links to your profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), TikTok, Instagram, and any other social media, along with the number of followers and engagement metrics for each platform.
  • Mention your website and its traffic numbers.
  • Highlight any workshops you have led or conferences where you have presented.
  • Also list any radio, podcast, TV, or YouTube programs that you host or appear on.
  • Mention blogs and magazines you contribute to, along with their follower counts or circulation numbers.
  • Lastly, include any networks or organisations that you are a part of.

Please provide us with information about any social media campaigns you have planned for your book, as well as any upcoming signings, talks, or blog tours. The sooner we receive this information, the more efficiently we can make your book available to wholesalers, retailers, and readers. If demand is high, we may need to restock, so please give us at least three weeks’ notice. Additionally, please remember to add the dates and details of these activities in the Add Event section.