This technique is not only helpful for reader reports, but also for the AI/Sales sheet. The ‘Unique Selling Proposition’ or USPs are directed towards readers and booksellers. What sets your book apart and makes it desirable? What new and unique aspects does it offer? How does it stand out among other books in its genre? Will it help solve a problem or add to the reader’s knowledge? What is the angle that makes your book stand out?

A Unique Selling Proposition (USP) can be defined as a statement that sets your book apart from others in the market. For example, ‘This is the first book to explore the correlation between IQ levels and earlobe sizes.’ In fiction, a USP could involve breaking conventional norms in writing style, content, or genre. It could also be set in a location that readers can relate to or situations they might encounter. Avoid using exaggerated claims or being too vague with your USP. If you claim that your book sets a new standard for business literature, what evidence do you have to support this?

Please give three bullet points that are:

  • Clear and impactful.
  • Inspiring and specific.
  • Written in the third person.

Avoid using vague or imprecise adjectives. Avoid bringing up points that may lead to further questions. Your writing will be revised and included in a compilation of information about your work, so the more specific and clear you can make it, the better we can assist you in selling to busy trade buyers.