Why you should publish articles to promote your book.

Publishing articles, online and in print, linked to the theme of your book, is a time and cost-effective means of promotion, especially if you are a non-fiction writer. Wherever you are in your career, journalism, blogging, articles, etc. should at least be considered as part of the general strategy of your work.

They do not necessarily translate directly into any sales, but they can:

Think broadly when it comes to articles.

Here is a list of the kind of places you can look to place them.

Work with your publicist to pitch and place articles.

As you’re publishing a book with Crystal Peake, your publicist can team up with you, wherever you are in your article writing process.

When your publication date is set, we invite you to brainstorm article ideas, pitches, write an article (or a few) a on spec, plus highlight some choice quotes from your book, and upload them to your book’s Marketing page. Add in any publications you think are worth trying, publications that you would love to be featured in.

If you pitch publications yourself, please log them as a Marketing Activity.

Your publicist will then help you refine and match the articles and pitches to the right publication, increase your shortlist of publications, and approach them on your behalf.

How to add articles to your Marketing page.

Don’t leave it all to your publicist

Your publicist’s time is limited – make the best use of them, such as using them pitch to publications who might not accept pitches direct from you, the writer. Get in the habit of pitching your own work, before and after publication.

How to pitch an article to a publication.

It’s very competitive out there but there are some general principles that will help your cause.

How to make your article the best it can be.




You Can Pitch Extracts To Publications Too

Instead of an article, you can pitch extracts of your book to publications as well. Generally, these are a bit harder to place, but if you do your homework, and match your writing to the publication, they can be an effective way of promoting your book.

Extracts work in the same way as articles. You can work with your publicist to pitch them, or pitch them by yourself. Either way, if you do so, we ask that you enter your activity into your Marketing page in the section Marketing Activities as “Article/extract” with as full details as possible.

How to prepare and pitch an extract

CAUTION! If you prepare your extract by copying and pasting from your final text PDF, then you will likely have to reformat it, as italics, bold fonts and other bits and pieces won’t be copied faithfully!

Should I get paid for my articles and extracts?

The vast majority of articles written for papers, or extracts taken from books, involve no payment.

Academics write to get known amongst their peers and improve their career prospects with citations, popular authors write to promote their books.

In the middle, there is a tiny cadre of journalists who can earn decent money from writing for national magazines. Which can be substantial, but you need to be in that kind of loop already. It never hurts to ask if there is payment though, and an average rate for most non-nationals is around £100 for every 1000 words.