Important Update: In light of the current Coronavirus situation, much of the information below regarding events, talks and conferences is temporarily suspended. However, we would encourage you to think about creating “virtual” online events using one of the following platforms or similar:


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Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars.



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YouTube Live is an easy way to reach your audience in real-time. Whether you’re streaming a video game, hosting a live Q&A or teaching a class, our tools will help you manage your stream and interact with viewers in real-time.



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LinkedIn Live

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Physical Events

Bookstore signings, workshops, talks and conferences are good ways to meet readers and launch books. Booksellers and event organisers are keener than ever to invite authors to participate in promoting and selling their books. There are many guides on the internet on how to run these affairs.

An event can be set up as soon as publication date is set nine months ahead. If you have a speaking event and you need stock of your books, this is possible; please order your copies via the Event Material. You will have to estimate the number required.

If the event is set a lot earlier than the publication date, it will not be possible for the general public or bookstores to order the book until we print stock a month prior to the actual publication date. Thus it is advisable to organise an event close to the publication date so that books can be purchased. Bookstores order books through their distributors, and the book will only be shipped once stock has been received into our warehouse 3-4 weeks before publication date. An event organiser that doesn’t ordinarily order books, can also order from the distributor of their country.

Books are supplied on a sale or return basis.

If you arrange a book event or any other publicity regarding your book, alert us to it by adding it to ‘Add Event’ to ensure we know about it and can pass on the details.

What we do

We will send you a notification nine months before publication date, encouraging you to approach local bookshops and organize a book launch. For further advice/help on hosting an event, please use the Author Forum in the section under Marketing and Publicity on Events/Signings.

If we are contacted by an event organiser we will then pass on the organiser’s email address to you. Bookstores are more interested in you than us – and usually want to deal with the author directly. The organiser needs to speak with you directly about the details – when it’s going to be, how many are likely to come, whether you’re going to speak or not, when you have to finish by, how they want to receive the books, and so on.

We support events by offering good discounts, designing posters and flyers, printing sufficient books, crediting retailers with returned stock, and suggesting venues in our Contacts database, but we don’t contribute to the cost otherwise.

Our US and UK distributors can offer your book(s) at a discount (20% is normal) to readers. This is known as a “discount code”. It can last for a specified amount of time, particularly if you are doing several talks/events/conferences. Typically, we have organised codes to run for 6 months.

You can then produce a flyer with an order form to use at events/talks/conferences. These need to follow a specific format for the distributer to work with.

We attend some fairs and, very occasionally, launches; but we’re limited in what we can do here, being scattered thinly, worldwide.

What you can do

Some of our authors get regular sales and exposure for their book/s for many months/years after publication, through events at shops, schools, etc. Time and travel are the main limitations here. If you work with an organisation that we do not currently have in the database, it would be a great help to enter onto the system:

You can then enter an event on the Author Homepage.

When an event is completed and there is a link available, the Publishing Manager will get a notification and can highlight this event on social media. Photos taken at an event are useful to use on social media. If you have a photo of the event, you can upload this to your book’s Marketing page under Publicity.

Promoting the event

Tips from authors