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Lost Words

Lost Words

With her mother dead, and her father lost in despair. Sarah spends her time outside of school in the town’s old library. Inside the pages of a forgotten world, a darkness calls forth a feast to feed its master. Now trapped within a world of dying stories and surrounded with characters who just don’t belong. Sarah has to fight her way through this strange world of stories, to find her way home.

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Genres: Adventure, Fantasy
Publication Year: 2018
Narrator: Lesley Dessalles
Illustrator: TK Palad
ISBN: 9780993558269
List Price: 6.99
eBook Price: 4.99
Audiobook Price: 13.79
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About the Book
About the Author
Kevin Peake

Kevin Peake was born in London in 1991. His love of writing started when he was young. Whilst writing, Kevin loves to escape into his fantasy world where anything can happen. After he finished college, he went on to pursue his writing career. His debut novel ‘Tridea’s Children’ was originally self-published in 2012. It was then republished under Kevin’s publishing company, Crystal Peake Publisher, in 2015. Kevin finished studying his Bachelor degree in Creative Writing and Publishing.

Kevin enjoys reading Light Novels, as well as diving into fantasy novels.

He believes you should not limit yourself to the world in which you know but open up to the world you can imagine. And this is something which helps him create his worlds and spend his days with the characters finding out who they are and where they are from.

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