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We wish Charlotte all the best and hope many of you will join her at all of her events.

We are looking for students/editors who need to work on improving their portfolio.

You will need to have knowledge and experience in these areas. Please only apply if you have proof of any previous work. 

Key responsibilities:

• Read draft manuscripts and provide detailed feedback for authors based on an understanding of target readership and market positioning.

• Work closely with authors as their main editorial contact and develop good relationships to ensure books progress according to schedule and are handed over to production on time.

Experience / skills required:

• Demonstrate the skills and correct instincts to develop draft manuscripts with authors and provide helpful feedback in line with the original brief.

• Demonstrable ability to manage multiple projects and deliver them to agreed deadlines.

• The ability to develop effective working relationships with a wide range of authors and other stakeholders.

• Attention to detail.

• Confident working independently and as part of a team.

• Commercial acumen and knowledge of the publishing process.

• Knowledge of business, finance and risk not necessary but a willingness to learn and follow new subject developments will be an advantage.

Pay will be negotiated on successful applications.

Please use the contact form to reach out to us.

The following are the successful winners of all three rounds: Alice Austin, Katie Brignull, Joseph Chaplain, Ashley Craig, Felicity Freeman, Elizabeth Westcoat, Virginie Pithon, Natalie McKay and E-T Cresswell.

Those who did not have their stories added within the collection will receive a copy of the final project when the book is officially announced.

Please note: The competition closes at midnight in the UK so if you are overseas please be aware of the time zone.

The London Book Fair

This was our second year visiting the London Book Fair, hopefully next year we will be showing off our books. Even though we weren’t displaying our products this year, we did get to meet some wonderful people out there in the publishing world, including new potential authors.

If you are interested in the publishing industry or you are a new author, we do recommend checking out the London Book Fair. It is a great way to meet editors, publishers and agents. The London Book Fair holds numerous seminars on topics varying from how to get your story noticed to using technology in the publishing industry.

Anything else…

We have signed a couple of new authors whose stories are now working their way through the editorial process preparing them for our readers to enjoy.

Don’t forget April is Camp NaNoWriMo. We wish you all the best of luck!

*Deities has been removed from sale.

So, the 2019 writing competition has launched. This is our second competition and we are hoping that it’ll be as successful as the first one. Last time, we created a world and asked people to use their imagination to come up with the best story based from that world. We received many entries and had a difficult time deciding which stories we enjoyed the most.

This year, we want to get our readers interested in original folklores that have influenced many stories over the years. However, we don’t want to just republish old stories, that’s not going to help inspire our readers or terrify them as much as we would like!

No, the folklore retelling competition is to get people interested in the history of the magical worlds. Stories don’t focus on the forgotten tales that inspire most writers. We are hoping that this competition will influence writers to create new life into these old creatures and myths allowing for a new generation of readers to be influenced.

Luckily, we are here to help. Whether you are looking to self-publish or find a publisher, we have options available for you. Over on our services page, you will find our formatting service that we have made affordable for those of you choosing to self-publish. And, for those of you who are looking for a publisher, we have opened our submission slots. Currently, we are not taking on many authors as we are only a small publishing company but we are looking at helping some authors get their books out there to the public.


Short Story Collection – The Tales of the Forgotten World.

For an upcoming feature of Crystal Peake’s future work, we are planning on releasing a series of short story novels. This will include a collection of short stories from a variety of authors. A world has been created for the novel and our guest authors will write a story that will fit into this world.


That is all until after the holidays.


We recently had a successful Goodreads giveaway where we offered 58 copies of Tridea’s Children to the people in the UK and had 258 entries. After signing each copy and handwriting each address my hand was dead! But, those lucky winners now have their book on its way.


We are interested in having guest bloggers who would like to write a blog or two about writing or the publishing industry. If you are interested, please use the contact form to get in touch with us.


For those coming here looking for representation for their novels, unfortunately we do not offer advances for manuscripts, but focus purely on a royalty basis. This might be similar to self-publishing; however, we will design your book cover, sort out your formatting, marketing and press releases. Again, if this is something that might be of interest to you, do please send us an email.