Please note: The competition closes at midnight in the UK so if you are overseas please be aware of the time zone.

The London Book Fair

This was our second year visiting the London Book Fair, hopefully next year we will be showing off our books. Even though we weren’t displaying our products this year, we did get to meet some wonderful people out there in the publishing world, including new potential authors.

If you are interested in the publishing industry or you are a new author, we do recommend checking out the London Book Fair. It is a great way to meet editors, publishers and agents. The London Book Fair holds numerous seminars on topics varying from how to get your story noticed to using technology in the publishing industry.

Anything else…

We have signed a couple of new authors whose stories are now working their way through the editorial process preparing them for our readers to enjoy.

Don’t forget April is Camp NaNoWriMo. We wish you all the best of luck!

*Deities has been removed from sale.